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Jimmy Graham Hurdle & Second Incredible One-Handed Touch Down Capture | Bills vs Seahawks | NFL

Jimmy Graham showed his nesting abilities with this play to help move the Seahawks in the field. Graham then rolled in his second one-handed trap in the final zone.

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1979 Michigan State vs. Notre Dame Elite Eight

Michigan State Spartans beat Notre Dame at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis in 1979 to move to the Elite eight. Jud Heathcote clearly shows.

They combined for 13 final four appearances. Now Tom Izzo and Rick Pitino will face the Eastern Regional Finals. ACC Digital Network host Jeff Fischel.

Louisville went overtime before losing 76-70 to Michigan State with a final squad on the line. ACC Digital Network analyst Jason Capel and host Jeff.

Greg Kelser completes eight dunks-and-rise openings in a dominant athletic performance against Notre Dame. Too fast for some opponents, too big for.



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Doug Christie – Rest in Peace (Ernst Zundel's Attorney)

This is a tribute to the death of a leading lawyer, Doug Christie, also known as the Barbarian Barbarian !!

Douglas Hewson "Doug" Christie, Jr. (April 24, 1946 to March 11, 2013) was a Canadian attorney and political activist based in Victoria, British Columbia.

Christie was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and graduated from the University of British Columbia Law School in 1970. He was the founder and general council of the Canadian Freedom League and was best known for the defense of individuals accused of being "racist", anti-semitic "or" neo-Nazi ".

He made him famous for his uncompromising defense of an important figure of "historical revisionism." Ernst Zundel. And who in 1992 .. finally allowed Ernst Zundel to get an unfortunate victory against the "religion" of the "Holocaust" !!

At the end of a nine-year battle in the face of several Crown representatives and a coalition of Jewish and Allied organizations, Ernst Zundel, assisted by Doug Christie, the "Auction Barrister" was to get the Canadian Supreme Court to hit In the section of the criminal code that was the basis of his prosecution and conviction, a section was based on an obsolete article of a ancient English law (namely Chapter 34 of the "Westminster Statute", since the year 1275).

Article 181 prohibits the publication of "news that you know is false and causes, or likely to bring injury or harm to, a public interest." In the judgment of the judge during Zundel's trial in 1985 that he had the brochure "Did Six Million Really Die?" Published that said that his activities had a "cancer effect" on society's importance in maintaining racial and religious harmony in Canada. "

On 27 August 1992, however, the court eventually decided that the law was not in line with the Bill of Rights and Freedoms of Canada.

He was also the founder and leader of the West Canada concept, a separatist party in Britain and federal, and the Western Block Party, a right-wing federal political party who separated British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba advocated by the Canadian Confederation.

He first became a lawyer in the country in 1983 when he became James Keegstra's attorney after the teacher was fired from his job and charged with the crime of hate by teaching his students that there was no Jewish conspiracy, along with the spread of other anti-Semitic "ideas.

His defense of Keegstra brought him to the attention of Ernst Zündel, who held Christie in September 1984 to protect him from criminal charges related to the denial of the Holocaust.

Christie will in several instances act as Zundel's attorney in several instances in the following two decades until Zundel's deportation from Canada in 2005. Christie's advocacy on behalf of Keegstra and Zundel regarded him as a legal representative in a number of notable cases as " far-fetched figures "…

In addition to his extensive work on freedom of expression cases, Christie participated in a wide range of causes affecting issues of individual freedoms more common.

He represented numerous individuals in civilian action against the police in an attempt to "police accountability" and in 1987 Gary Botting represented a defamation suit against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

"There is a growing gap between police and public confidence. It can only be determined and crossed with any hope of faith recovery when the police are judged by the public for their actions and not by their ongoing employees in the system not. self "!!

Christie wrote in a letter to the Victoria Times colonist. "The essential component of a society where citizens and police agree on the application of the law is simply that the law applies to the police and the citizens to an equal extent. Police can not be above the law With the current system of accountability, that impression is well-founded "!!

Christie also acted in cases of childbirth. This was especially Paul and Zabeth Bayne, a Hope, BC couple whose children seized four years by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

From 2007 to 2010, Christie Bruce and Donna Montague represent a constitutional challenge of Canada's gun register and other firearm laws. The constitutional challenge was eventually rejected by the Ontario Court of Appeal, but Christie continued to represent the Montagues in their efforts to withstand the Crown civil and criminal foreclosure applications.

This brave, noble, brave, enthusiastic and brave man will be missed by many people !!!