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Robbie Ray has departed after being hit in the head by LineDrive Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Robbie Ray was forced to leave Friday's game in St. Louis after being headed by a line drive the Bat of the Cardinals first Baseman Luke Voit was hit. The range drive was measured at 10 km / h by the bat, and Ray immediately knocked on the ground, where he stayed for a few minutes, when the crowd watched silently.
Ray never seemed to lose consciousness in the field, but he seemed to have blood on his hands. He was moved to a sitting position before he was loaded into a car. As he was expelled from the field, Ray gave the thumb the thumb.
Ray was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital, where he will undergo another review. The Diamondbacks have announced that they will provide updates as they become available.
Here is a video clip of the violation. Be warned that the material could be regarded as disruptive.
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Daniel Theis Highlights Euro League 2016-2017 (Full HD)

Daniel Theis (gebore 4 April 1992) is 'n Duitse professionele basketbalspeler wat tans vir Brose Bamberg en die Duitse nasionale span speel.
Professionele loopbaan [edit] In die 2013-14 seisoen, met Ulm, het Theis die BBL Best Young Player-toekenning gewen. [1]

Na sy uitbreekseisoen het Theis met Brose Baskets Bamberg geteken. [2] In die 2014-seisoen het hy in die NBA-somerliga vir die Washington-towenaars gespeel. In die 2014-15 seisoen het Theis sy eerste BBL-kampioenskap met Brose Baskets gewen. Brose klop FC Bayern München 3-2 in die Finale. [3]

Nasionale span [edit] Op 27 Julie 2014 het Theis sy eerste verskyning in die Duitse nasionale basketbalspan in 'n wedstryd teen Finland gemaak. [4] No. 10 – Brose Bamberg
Posisie Krag vorentoe / Sentrum
League Basketball Bundesliga
Euro League
Persoonlike inligting
Gebore 4 April 1992 (25 jaar oud)
Salzgitter, Duitsland
Nasionaliteit Duits
Genoteerde hoogte 6 ft 8,5 in (2,04 m)
Gewysde gewig 243 lb (110 kg)
NBA konsep 2013 / Undrafted
Speelloopbaan 2008-hede
2008-2012 SG Braunschweig
2010-2012 New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig
2012-2014 ratiopharm ulm
2014-hede Brose Bamberg
Loopbane hoogtepunte en toekennings
BBL Beste Verdediger (2017)
BBL-kampioen (2015)
BBL mees effektiewe speler (2016)
4x BBL All-Star (2014-2017)
BBL Beste Jong Speler (2014)
All-BBL Tweede Span (2016)
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Alle snitte is eiendom van die Euro League. Geen kopieregskending is bedoel nie. Al die video's is geredigeer om die "Free Use" -riglyn van YouTube te volg.
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