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Aaron Sorkin, Matthew Weiner and more Drama Showrunners on THR's Roundtable Emmys 2013

Our full uncensored conversation with showrunners Alex Gansa, (Homeland), Aaron Sorkin (Newsroom), D.B. Weiss (Game of Thrones), Beau Willimon (House …

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  1. "Matthew Weiner talks too much"
    His show won 4 Emmys in a row, I think he has the right to talk a lot

  2. Matt Weiner loves to hear himself talk.

  3. I love Kevin Williamson, but I was surprised at how many shows he's actually been involved with. Truly astounding. Great writer

  4. And thanks to Beau Willmon for mentioning the original BBC version of House of Cards which is worth watching no less or even more than this remake.

  5. Funny to see how they try to defend and justify showing violence in their shows

  6. Around the 34-minute mark:  guy comes over to "fix" D.B.'s mic…and makes it worse.  LOL

  7. more like rectangletable amirite?

  8. I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more views…a television show would not be able to function without showrunners.

  9. Interesting to see DB Weiss talking about how violence should be "awful to witness", you know he was thinking about the Mountain and the Viper scene in that moment

  10. Can't imagine anyone other than Matthew running Mad Men.

  11. Yes Emilia Stenberg. I was wondering why at least Jenji Kohan from Orange is the New Black isn't there! She's pretty seasoned. And would be a wonderful addition… at least for me!

  12. So sad to see that under the designation "showrunner" we see six middle aged white men. This industri needs to change. Now.

  13. i need 4 hours of this!!!!!

  14. Matt. Please. Be Quiet. That IS All.

  15. Love this.

  16. As a big fan of "Game of Thrones," I'd have loved to have heard a lot more from D.B. Weiss. This Roundtable was still fascinating regardless.

  17. hell ya!

  18. Jaja esta chistoso el video

  19. Already a fan of Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Homeland, & any Sorkin fare, aside from the pleasure of being a fly on the wall of a dream-team writers' room, one takeaway was that I've gotta check out House of Cards & The Following simply by association.

    Aside: Interesting that after Sorkin says he doesn't want to leverage hindsight to make his characters more heroic (specifically citing Benghazi as the next news story in the timeline), the episode intimates that his crew would've gotten it right.

  20. TheGreatCharlie749

    Lol, this must have been before the red wedding episode

  21. I cant help to notice some people complaining about Kevin Williamson being here. Just because the show he is running now is not as good ad others, doesn't mean he doesn't have very interesting things to say. That guy as proved to be a hard working screenwriter and certainly was very influential in the 90's. Don't get me wrong, I love Vince Gilligan and I loved him in last year's roundtable. I also admit that I am not a big fan of "The Following" (I liked the pilot, tough) but I admire Kevin.

  22. If you swap out Kevin Williamson with Vince Gilligan this is a perfect panel

  23. Wow. That was 54 minutes?! Agree with a previous poster…that just flew by. Excellent roundtable.

  24. I'd love to see Graham Yost next year.

  25. All men?

  26. The man defined the 90's. Who cares if his current show is less than stellar?

  27. They need to get Matthew Weiner and Vince Gilligan on the same roundtable next year for their final seasons.

  28. Why was Kevin Williamson on this panel?

  29. …or because the show is all most over? Could that be it? Maybe?

    No… of course not you must be right, it must be "hating".

  30. Wow, Weiss was eating alive.

  31. tell me about it

  32. No Gilligan? Alright. I'm outtie.

  33. silent hating on the best show out there at the moment

  34. Vince Gilligan should be on this too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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