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Asr e Qadeem Haleem Sharar
Asr e Qadeem By Muhammad Abdul Haleem Sharar ancient history Urdu book PDF free download  or read online complete history before Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Islam. The brief history of Unan, Babul, Nenwa, Bane Israel, Sinkandare Azam and more this is a very knowledgeable historical book. This Urdu litrature contains a brief and far-reaching history of the old word from the earliest starting point of the Universe to the introduction of Hazrat Eisa a.s in Urdu dialect. This literature with 12 chapter as long as 280 pages and file size 3.8 MB only generated in small pdf file size for fast and easy download get free copy at end of every post and also like and share this Urdu ebooks internet online library best Urdu novels and books collection available here Babul-o-Nainwa by Aslam Rahi and Tareekh Alam e Isalm by Naeem Siddiqui.

Some follwing main content in this book:

  • History of Egypt 
  • Sultanat Bani Israel
  • Nenwa
  • Babul
  • Shenshah Faris
  • Mumlakat e Unan and religion (Un ka mazab aur devta), 
  • Sparta history
  • Unan per Irani 
  • Suqrat aur Falsafa Unan
  • Maqdonia Felqose
  • Sikandar e Azam Asia e Kachak me
  • Plasten aur Misar
  • Fateh e Iran
  • Hindustan Ki Mohim
  • Sultanate Sham
  • Sher Room
  • Qartajina

Free History Urdu Book Aser e Qadeem Download or Read Online Pages:

Abdul Haleem Sharar

History books urdu


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