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Palmistry in Urdu PDF Book
Hath Main Kiya Hay Palmistry Urdu book by H Adam free download Cheiro Palmistry Dast Shinasi hand lines reading in Urdu, best Dasat Shanasi Urdu kutub, the title of this book is what is in your hand. A book about Human hand lines for character and future information in local language. Read hathon hi lakeer guide palm reading guide lifeline in Urdu PDF literature Dasat Shanasi Per Aik Jamah Muft Urdu kutub. Expertise and movement of taking a gander at the lines within individuals’ hands and asserting to have the capacity to see indications of their character and future. This book as long pages 136 pages and file size 4.7 MB I hope you like and share this Urdu literature. You may be read Palmistry book in Urdu by Zahid Mehmood and Palmistry in Urdu.

Hand Horoscope In Urdu Best Palmistry Books in Urdu with Pictures:

Palmistry tends to the accompanying issues:

Passionate turmoil
Repeating dreams
Future objectives
Discovering one’s otherworldly way
To extend life to another level of significance
To construct the life one needs
To make the work that gives one’s heart “delight”

The following content in this book:

  • Index
  • Anatomy
  • Life Line 
  • Love Line (Soul Mate) 
  • Work Line 
  • Reproduction 
  • Bracelets
  • Black Box
  • Touch Trophy
  • Life and Stars
  • Reality of Hand lines
  • Changing ofHandliness
  •  How to change lines
  • Prayer effects on Hands line (Hath Ki Lakeer)
  • Kind of Hands (Haton Ke Aqsam)
  • The Brutal Hand
  • The Square Hand
  • The Spartulate Hand
  • The joined Hand
  • The Conic Hand (Makhrooti Hath)
  • The Imaginative Hand
  • The Mixed Hand
  • Human Hand Fingers and Thumbs
  • Supple Thumb
  • Waistlike Thumb
  • Clubed Thumb
  • Spartulate Thumb
  • How to find age (Omer Maloom Kerne Tariqa)
  • The Important of lines

hathon hi lakeer book

Palmistry in Urdu picture


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