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Quiet Flows Don Urdu

Aur Dawn Bahta Raha this is Urdu translation of Russian Novel And Quiet Flows The Don now free download or reads online in Urdu, novel written by Russian novelist Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov and translate into Urdu local Pakistani language by Makhmoor Jalandhri. This book published by Maktaba Anar Kali Pakistan Lahore.The novel is viewed as a standout amongst the most huge works of Russian writing in the twentieth century. It portrays the lives and battles of Don Cossacks amid WWI, the Russian Revolution, and Russian Civil War. This is very famous and super it Russian novel, this storybook translated into many different languages in the worldwide this book about Russian revolution and its complications. Mikhail Sholokhov was a very popular, writer, novelist and journalist in Soviet Union Russia, He was a communist and composed some best books,  he writes important books about revolution now in available in Urdu translation easy download in PDF format total 678 pages and pdf file size 7.3 MB. Roosi Kitab Urdu tarjuma ke sath. You can also study Zillaton Ke Maray Loag  and History Of Russian Revolution.

Aur Don Bahta Raha by Makhmoor Jalandhri Free Download Pages

Russian Novel in Urdu
Urdu Russian Novel


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