Muhajar Urdu Novel
Free download or read online "Muhajar" Urdu novel and read a very distinguished Urdu story. Muhajar (Refugee) is a new Urdu novel written by Mr. Rizwan Ali Ghuman. The writer Rizwan Ali is currently residing in Germany. Mohajar Urdu novel is based on the true events experienced by the writer Mr. Rizwan Ali. Mohajar Urdu novel is the 2nd part of Dosra Khuda by Rizwan Ali Ghuman. The author Rizwan Ali Ghuman has narrated the true stories of his life in these two Urdu novels Dosra Khuda and Muhajar. The first novel was also appreciated by the Urdu readers. This novel is all about the illegal immigrants. This Urdu novel is the story of a Pakistani guy who was willing to go to America illegally. This is also a romantic Urdu story of a couple who destroyed their lives in the way of love. This is an Urdu story which was started from lusts and lasted on the true love. This novel is also like an Urdu travelogue (Safarnama) because the story will tell you everything about the journey from Pakistan to the United States. There is also a lesson for all those Pakistanis who are willing to illegally migrate to western countries. Because the author have written the true events which the author his self faced during his illegal migration.
Mohajar – No One Illegal: the story of a Pakistani boy who traveled without visa and without any legal document. The story when he crossed the border, mountain and seas. A very well precisely written Urdu novel "Mohajar" is exclusively available at Kutubistan.
The novel Mohajar by Rizwan Ali Ghuman is available here in Pdf. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.

Contents/Sample Pages of the Urdu Novel "Mohajar" By Rizwan Ali Ghuman

Preface of Muhajar Urdu Novel

Preface of Muhajar Urdu Novel

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