Prophet Sulaiman by H. Rider Haggard Book in Urdu

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Hazrat Suleman A.S Ka Khazana


Hazrat Suleman By Rider Haggard the stories of Prophets Sulaiman Ale Salam. This has Urdu translated very famous and best-selling novel King Solomon,s Mines written by H Rider Haggard and translate into Urdu language by Syed Ala Uddin. This is Urdu version of best English storybook which earned a great deal of notoriety for its story creator. The story of this book released as movie in the Hollywood for commonly. The literature King Solomon’s Mines contains the narrative of the season of Hazrat Suleiman A.S. He was the Prophet of Allah and the ruler of the entire world. Ruler Solomon’s Mines recounts a hunt of an unexplored locale of Africa by a gathering of swashbucklers drove by Allan Quatermain for the missing sibling of one of the gathering. It is the primary English experience novel set in Africa and is thought to be the beginning of the lost World abstract class. Now free Urdu books download PDF format or read online from this eBooks library. this file as long as 191 pages and file size 3.6 MB. You can also read The Dwarf Bona Admi and New York City Ke So Rang.
Hazrat Suleman Urdu
king Solomon's mines Urdu


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