Mata-e-Maghfirat Book
Free download or read online Urdu Naat Collection book "Mata-e-Maghfirat". This Urdu book is the collection of Urdu novels written by Dr. Aleem Usmani who is a famous Urdu poet from India. The author, Dr. Aleem Usmani has also compiled many other Urdu poetry books. He is best known for his Urdu poetry. Mata-e-Maghfirat is an Urdu book containing Urdu Naat.
Mata-e-Maghfirat book is for all those people who love Urdu poetry and Prophet Mohammad PBUH. There are wonderful Urdu Naat. As this is a latest Urdu Naat book that is why no Naat Khwan has recited any of this Naat. This Urdu book is also recommended for Naat Khwans (who recites Naats).
The Urdu Naat Collection book Mata-e-Maghfirat by Dr. Aleem Usmani is here in Pdf. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.

Contents/Sample Pages of the Urdu Naat Collection Book "Mata-e-Maghfirat" By Dr. Aleem Usmani

Sample page of Mata-e-Maghfirat Pdf Urdu Naat Book

another Sample page of Mata-e-Maghfirat Pdf Urdu Naat Book

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