Japanese Book in Urdu by Ishii Momoko 

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Na Deedi Gahy Chi Zoro Javed
Na Deedi Gahe this is Urdu version of Japanese book Gluttonous Hanako a Japanese story in Urdu translation written by Ishii Momoko and translate into the Urdu language by Chi Zoro Javed, A spoiled, greedy cow becomes fatter and fatter (with picture). Free PDF download or read online Japanese literature in Urdu book as long as 37 pages and download file size 1.5 MB. Aik Khrab Lalchi Gahy ka kisa jo Kah Kah k Jisam ko Mota charbi bana de ta hy. you may also read children’s Urdu books or kids books in Urdu Shareer Murga and Kids Education Urdu Book.
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