Surah Al-Maidah Urdu Transliteration and Taseer Book

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Surah Maida Urdu tafsir
Surah Maida Translation and Tafseer Quran (Interpretation) Islami Urdu book in PDF. Quran Pak Tafsir by Ibn e Adam. Surah Al-Maidah Urdu Meaning and Complete Tafseer in local Urdu language. Surat al-Ma’ida is the 5th chapter of holy book Quran Karim, and 120 Verses (Ayat).The Surah subjects incorporate creatures which are taboo, Esa and Musa (Jesus and Moses) Islamic missions. Now download PDF file or read online as long as 50 pages and file size 7.2 MB. You may be read Aasan Tarjuma Translate by Taqi Usmani and Quran Urdu Translation by Syed Abul Ala Maududi.
Surah-Al-Maidah Urdu


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