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Common Sense Urdu Book
Get PDF copy Urdu version of American political philosophy literature common Sense written by Thomas Paine and translate into Urdu language by Shah Muhammad Marri. In history Thomas Paine is popular political person, philosopher and best writer in English he composed this book and gave the possibility of the freedom of the states of the Great Britain.  Later it prompted the USA Revolution. He raised his voice against the expansionism in his flyers. Urdu version pamphlet book is one of them. It converted into numerous dialects of the world. it had the biggest deal and flow of any book distributed in American history. Starting at 2006, it remains the untouched top rated American title is still publishing and printing today. Now this book is in Urdu translation PDF free download or read online. You can also read Khamoshi by Shusako and Samraaj Kay Muqabil.

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Common Sense Urdu book


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