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Noah's Ark Urdu book
Kashti e Nooh is the Urdu translation book of Noah’s Ark (The Ark of Noah) written by H G Wells translated into Urdu language by Pro. Preetam Sing M A  is an Indian Urdu female writer. H G Wells was a renowned scholar, fiction author and student of history he writes many famous books and best historical novels. This is a fiction Urdu translated story in which the author envisioned about what’s to come. He told the awful state of the world for future. He remarked that the general population ought to be required for a save like Noah. now download in pdf or read online from this website or blog total 98 pages and file size 1.2 MB. Nooh Ki Kashti Urdu Kahani Kitab ki soft copy muft hasil karain. You may be download Shareer Murga Japanese story in Urdu and Kubra Ashiq by Victor Hugo. The following three chapters in this book.
  • Aik Dard Nak Purani Kahani Nahe Andaz Main
  • Nahe Kashti Par Nele Rang Ke Nishan
  • Na Raza Mand Sawarian

Kashti Nooh urdu
Kasht e nooh book


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