Jab Mujhe Aghwa Kiya Gaya
Jab Mujhe Aghwa Kiya Gaya is another Urdu criminal novel written by Mr. Ahmed Yar Khan. This Urdu book is now available here for free download and read online. The writer of the novel, Mr. Ahmed Yar Khan is a best known Urdu novelist and a retired police officer. He usually writes about his criminal cases' investigation stories. His Urdu novels are based on the actual criminal events. The Criminal Urdu Novel Jab Mujhe Aghwa Kiya Gaya has three differ Urdu stories under the following titles;
  1. Jab Mujhe Aghwa Kiya Gaya (When I Was Abducted)
  2. Mangni Ki Angothi (The Engagement Ring)
  3. Zindagi Ke Mailay (Life's festivals)

Each of the above stories is worth reading. Ahmed Yar Khan has beautifully written the thrilling and criminal stories. All these stories are different from each other.

Jab Mujhe Aghwa Kiya Gaya by Ahmed Yar Khan is here in Pdf. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.

Sample Pages of the Urdu Novel "Jab Mujhe Aghwa Kiya Gaya" By Ahmed Yar Khan

A Sample page of Jab Mujhe Aghwa Kiya Gaya Urdu Novel Pdf

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