Tilism-e-Mohabbat Novel
Tilism-e-Mohabbat is another romantic Urdu novel written by the famous Mohiuddin Nawab. Tilism-e-Mohabbat is the collection of six Urdu novelettes (Afsanay) written by Mr. Mohiuddin Nawab who is one of the most famous Urdu novelists in Pakistan. Mohiuddin Nawab has written a lot of Urdu Novels and Urdu novelettes published in different Urdu magazines and Digests. Mohiuddin Nawab is best known for his excellent Urdu Novels and Urdu short stories. He has his own fan club because of his Urdu fictions.
Tilism-e-Mohabbat is the title name of this Urdu novel as well as the first story of the book. Mohiuddin Nawab has written 6 different Urdu stories, mentioned as below;
  1. Tilism-e-Mohabbat
  2. Raqs-e-Ajal
  3. Be-His
  4. Challenge Fund
  5. Aakhri Kamra
  6. Na-Maloom

All these stories of Mohiuddin Nawab are worth reading. These all stories are in single Pdf E-book.

Tilism-e-Mohabbat by Mohiuddin Nawab is here in Pdf. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.

Contents/Sample Pages of the Urdu Romantic Novel "Tilism-e-Mohabbat" By Mohiuddin Nawab

Index of Tilism-e-Mohabbat Urdu Novel

Summaries of Tilism-e-Mohabbat Urdu novelettes

Summaries of Tilism-e-Mohabbat Urdu novelettes

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