Amal Pdf Urdu Novel
Free download or read online Urdu Novel "Amal" and enjoy reading a very fascinating social and romantic story in the Urdu language. "Amal" is the title name of this Urdu novel which is authored by Mr. Subas Gul – one of the known Urdu novelists in Pakistan. The writer of this story Mr. Subas Gul has written many other Urdu novels and short fiction stories. He has his own fan club because of his Urdu fictions stories. Amal is an Urdu masterpiece about a romantic and love story. Amal is also the protagonist of this story. This Urdu story revolves around Amal who is a young beautiful girl but she is not single. The story begins when Wihaj – 2nd husband of Amal is trying to take Amal to Switzerland for honeymoon but she denies and wants to meet with her first husband Sikandar. Wihaj Shocks when he listens that his bride wants to meet her first husband. Why Amal wants to meet Sikandar? read and enjoy a very distinguished and complicated story of Amal's life.
The Urdu novle Amal by Subas Gul is here in Pdf. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.

Sample Pages of the Urdu Novel "Amal" By Subas Gul

Sample page of Amal Urdu Pdf Novel

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