Free download or read online free Urdu Islamic book "Haqiqat-e-Islam" and read the reality of Islam in the Urdu language. "Haqeeqat-e-Islam" is the title name of this Urdu book which is all about the lectures of Zakir Naik on the subject of the reality of Islam. Mr. Zahid Kaleem has translated all lectures and writings of Dr. Zakir Naik into the Urdu language and named it as Haqeeqat-e-Islam (The reality of Islam).
Haqeeqat-e-Islam Urdu pdf book will increase your knowledge about Islam. This book will enable you to answers the questions on Islam. The author. Mr. Dr. Zakir Naik is a famous Islamic scholar and popular Islamic preacher. He is from India but he is famous in the whole world as he telecasts his Islamic shows and debates with the non-Muslims on the subject of Islam on his non-commercial TV channel Peace TV. Dr. Zakir Naik has written many things about Islam and its reality. This book will let you explore more about Islam in the Urdu language.
You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.

Contents/Sample Pages of the Urdu book "Haqeeqat-e-Islam" By Dr. Zakir Naik

Contents of Haqiqat-e-Islam

Contents of Haqiqat-e-Islam Pdf

Contents of Haqiqat-e-Islam Pdf book

Contents of Haqiqat-e-Islam Pdf Urdu book

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