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Top ten female politicians in the world

Women in politics are hot topics, but in reality they are hot. Let's see, ten of the world's hottest women's politicians. There are times when women do not have a certain profession, and men have a significant role in the field, but as time passes, women value and pay every part of the tax, including politics.

10. Belinda Slonache – Canada

Belinda Shoghran is a member of the Canadian parliament and is fighting a brawl. She has been a He was a deputy in the Canadian House of Commons. At first he was chosen as a conservative, then crossed the line to join Liberals.

Anna Maria Galoyan – Estonia

Galoyan is a former political figure in Estonia. He was charged with stealing more than 59,438 euros. She introduced Playboy in 2009. Anna is in the 9th place among the most active women in politics.

8. Orly Levy – Israel

An Israeli politician, Orle Levy, is among the top 10 most active politicians. He is a member of the Knesset for Likud Yisrael Beiteinu. Prior to going to politics, Levi worked as a model and TV host. He also made his national service in the Israeli air force.

7. Sistrida Gageh – Lebanon

Geagea is a Lebanese politician known for her beauty and media love in Lebanon. He was a great factor in the fight against Lebanon's pressure. He welcomes the well-known Maronite Lebanese Tawk family, owned by West African enterprises in Ghana.

6. Alina Kabayeva, Russia

Alina Kabayeva has been a politician since 2007. he was a member of the State Duma of the United Russia party. This Russian beauty was the most successful rhythmic gymnast. He is also one of the most gymnasts in the history of Olympic gymnastics, two Olympic medals, 14 World Championship medals and European Championship medals.

5. Julia Bonk – Germany

Julia Bonk is a Left Party political figure in Saxony land. He is 18 years old and is the youngest member of the German parliament.

Anzhela Gerku – Greece

In no case, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism and the PASOK Corfu MP, Angela Gereku. 4 hottest women politicians. He welcomes Greece's shores and has received a small skinhead. He studied architecture in Rome before moving on to politics.

3. Eva Kaili – Greece

Eva Stone was a member of the Hellenic Parliament and a former TV presenter. He is also a member of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean Union.

2. Maria Carthage – Italy

Maria Carfagnan was named "the most beautiful minister in the world" and was one of Maxim's "hottest politicians in the world." Former Italian ex-actress and model She has entered politics. He is a member of Forza Italia, and in 2008, the Minister for Equal Opportunities of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

1. The Lion of Leon – Peru

Luciana Leon is a Peruvian politician (APRA). 1993 In February, at the age of 14, became Secretary General of the youth wing of the "Aposta" party until 1995. In 2006, at the age of 31, Leo became the youngest member of the Peruvian parliament in his history. She was also interviewed as the most beautiful woman politician of the time.

Bonus – Yuri Fuzikawa – Japan

True, Japan's hottest politician is Yuri Fuzikawa. Yuri Yuri, 33, is a member of the City Council of Hacienda and a member of the Conservative Party. His name was called "very beautiful, be a politician", "Dear Advisor" from Japan and "The most beautiful politician in the world" by the Spanish newspaper. He has also been involved in sexual disputes and has become a topic of conversation on the Internet since he was elected in 2007. In April:


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