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– Startups – Roundtable with Thomas Corte and Luc Beatty-Twist # E352

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The big news this week is from the IO event Google and Yahoo with the claimed application for Tumblr. Luckily, we had a former Googler Thomas Korte, founder of AngelPad and ex-Yahoo, singer Luke Beatty, now managing director of TechStars. We also discussed John Mason's plans for Post-Groupon, Blackberry Messenger for Android and iOS, the US government cracked bitcoyne and much more.


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Thomas Corte:

Google and AH are investing $ 10.7 million in an unmanned aircraft
The winner of the LAUNCH 2013 Festival

Luke Beatty:

0:31 Hello everyone, we have Thomas Corte @thomask and Luke Beatty @ luke_beatty on the show today!

9:30 News Story # 1 Andrew Mason reveals plans for Poston Groupon

10:00 Jason presented on new album by Andrew Mason

11:00 Thomas, what do you think?

11:20 Luke, you have experience similar to what Andrei does. What do you think Andrew Mason will do?

13:45 Jason wants Andrew on show

14:24 News Story # 2 Blackberry Messenger comes on Android and iOS

16:30 What do you guys think about the fact that Blackberry works?

19:20 What do you think of Luke? Will they return the enterprise?

20:30 Is Apple a huge mistake without a cross-platform for its applications?

22:00 Luke, what do you think?

22:37 News Story # 3 Yahoo, reportedly talking to Tumblr

22:45 Who was the first to report this?

23:10 Luke, you sold Yahoo, do you think?

27:07 Will Zuckerburg throw his weight in the ring? Will this make him the best guy in the M & A business?

28:25 What do you think, Luke?

29:45 Thank you MailChimp !!! Powerful email marketing!

32:22 News Story # 4 Google I / O

33:51 Jason, what do you care most about?

34:10 Thomas, are you worried that Google is getting too big and powerful?

36:10 Thomas weighs in the music application, talks about the audience.fm

37:40 Luke, what do you think about Google I / O, Glass, All Access?

38:30 Discuss on Google Glass

41:08 If you have a dinner party, and 3 out of 5 people have Glass on, what do you do with Luke?

41:55 Thomas, are you asking them to remove them?

44:37 Thomas: How about GoPro?

48:19 News Story # 5 Tactus Technology CTO interviewed by Scoble

50:40 What do you think about this Luka?

51:30 What do you think about this Thomas?

52:00 Discussing the possibilities of this technology

55:30 What about startups developing applications for Glass, is it a waste, too early?

56:40 Luke, what do you think?

58:40 News Story # 6 The National Security Department closes the bitlock-exchange with Mt. GOx

59:15 Luke, what do you think?

1:00:33 Thomas you have people bitkoynov?


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