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– Startups – News with David Carter and James Altuchar – TWiST # 262

1:00 Welcome, I'm here today on the news panel with David Carter of Amplify LA, writer and investor James Altuher and Lon Harris Rating reads news .
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5:00. Let's start with Facebook news and an after-sale IPO. What is the great impact this has on technological IPOs?
8:45 James: Facebook daily releases new tools for advertisers, which will lead to an increase in revenue.
9:45 David: As usual, the retail investor is screwed. The flow of information from Wall Street is ridiculous.
14:00 Jason: number one, Facebook is a great company. Getting a billion users is an extraordinary achievement, but they are greatly underestimated.
16:30 What about macroeconomics, James?
18:00 David, what impact does this have on start-ups and incubators like yours?
20:30 What happens to startups in the face of a catastrophic event, and angel investors leave?
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25:30 Recurrence of the D10 conference, including an interview with Tim Cook and a presentation by Mark Meeker. How did Tim meet?
30:30 James: He (Cook) repeated that the PC and tablet are different platforms.
37:15 James: The stock exchange considers Apple to be a non-growth company. But Apple shares were opened to tens of millions of new investors, which can stimulate growth when the market bounces.
40:30 Sharing of presentations from Mary Meeker D20.
41:45 What is the most important statistic of her speech, James?
46:15 Scandal Kleiner Perkins Caufield Barnes: the partner claims that sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of sex.
51:00 Jason shows that the buzz about this story was at the D10 conference.
55:30 James, what are you doing? What lessons can you learn here?
1:00:00 Politics and the consequences of romance in the workplace – do not do it!
1:04:30 The space capsule DragonX returned to Earth this week, successfully completing its mission. The founder Elon Musk said that his goal is to attract people to Mars and create a "multi-planetary existence." How great will the cosmic vertical be?
1:11:30 James: It's so interesting that Elon Musk was there to break down and now is a billionaire. He is ready to go straight to the edge, and you should respect it.
1:19:30 Thanks to James and David for joining us today. You can read James's writings at jamesaltucher.com and see that Amplify LA is suitable for amplify.la. Lon, I hope that everything will be fine in Ranker. And thanks to MailChimp and Sourcebits for their support!
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