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Hollywood Reporter: Jerry Bruckeimer – Tony Scott

Made by Film and Television School, Loyola Marmut University Hollywood masters are new series at the LMU Film and Television School, examining award-winning filmmakers and successful career managers, Hollywood journalist Steven Gallowe and presented by the Lyon School of Cinema and Television. Full Video Play Click Hare

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Ten warm and sexy male models of all time

Top 10 sexy and sexy male models of all time 10. Matthew Terry 9. Marlon Teisheira 8. John Kortajena 7. Chad White 6. David Gandhi: 5. Simon Nesseman 4. Serge Rigvava 3. Sean Opry Rob Evans: 1. Nick Bathemin Full Video Play Click Hare

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10 Hotest Hollywood movies

10. Angelina Jolie Hollywood's Top 10 Hotest Actresses Angelina Jolie is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood on the list of many "most beautiful women". Angelina Jolie is an Oscar-winning actress who has become a favorite actress, playing the role of actress in the film directors' film Lara Crust. …

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