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Veerana by Dr. Abdur Rab Bhatti

Free PDF download or read on the internet, is an amazing local story contains an intriguing social sentimental and social criminal educational novel this is globe-trotter and unpleasant Urdu story composed by Dr. Abdur Rab Bhatti. The story of the experience of Tauqeer and his excellent spouse Shehla who travel to northern territories of Pakistan and lost the area of their bungalow. in past days, the servant died in the bungalow. Take in more about this loathsome enterprise of Tauqeer and his significant other Shela who are misinformed and confronted exceptionally terrible tragedies. Now read in local Urdu language. The real Urdu story of Veerana novel read from this blog. Total 368 pages and PDF file 4 MB you can also download Urdu Novels Darwaza Khula Hay by Ishtiaq Ahmed and Super Laboratory by Ahmed Shaheer.
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Veerana novels in urdu


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