Darbar-e-Mohabbat Novel
Darbar-e-Mohabbat by Nazia Kanwal Nazi Pdf Urdu novel free download. You can read online this novel from here as well. "Darbar-e-Mohabbat" is a famous Urdu novel written by Nazia Kanwal. The cover name Darbar-e-Mohabbat means the palace of love. This is a pure romantic and social Urdu fiction story written by Nazia Kanwal Nazi who is one of the most popular female Urdu novelists in Pakistan. Nazia Kanwal Nazi has written a few more Urdu novels. She has her own fan club because of her writing style.
Darbar-e-Mohabbat novel starts with a romantic Urdu poem. However, the story begins with an interesting event whereas a girl comes to a mosque at midnight and pray to Allah for her guilt. Meanwhile, a saint places his hand on her shoulder and the dialogue starts between them. Nazia Kanwal Nazi has written this story in a suspenseful way. The story will keep you captivated.
Darbar-e-Mohabbat by Nazia Kanwal Nazia is here in Pdf. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.

Sample Pages of the Urdu Romantic Novel "Darbar-e-Mohabbat" By Nazia Kanwal Nazi

Poetry of Darbar-e-Mohabbat Novel

Sample page of Darbar-e-Mohabbat

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