Mujhe Roothnay Na Dena
Mujhe Roothne Na Dena is a social and romantic Urdu novel written by Ms. Nighat Abdullah who is a famous female Urdu novelist from Pakistan. Nighat Abdullah has written a lot of Urdu novels and different short Urdu stories, published in various Urdu magazines and Urdu Digests. Today Nighat Abdulah is one of the most famous female Urdu novelists in Pakistan. Mujhe Roothnay Na Dena is one of the most famous Urdu novels of Nighat Abdullah.
Mujhy Roothnay Na Dena (Don't Let me upset) is a social-romantic story. This is the story of two friends and other three sisters. The story is truly representing the Pakistani society and people. Nighat Abdullah has created this fiction about a friend who sacrifices for his other friend. Similarly, this is the story of three sisters one of them is disabled. Read this story till end, and you will praise the author for creating such a great Urdu fiction about sacrifice, love, friendship, romance and relationships.
Mujhe Roothnay Na Dena by Nighat Abdullah is here in Pdf. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.

Sample Pages of the Urdu Novel "Mujhe Roothnay Na Dena" By Nighat Abdullah

Sample page of Mujhe Roothnay Na Dena Novel

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