Jin Zadi by Malik Fahim Irshad
Suddenly a human shaped bird appeared in the sky and came above to a driving car and exhaled a few fire flames on it. This is the summary of Jinn Zadi Urdu short fiction created by Malik Fahim Irshad who is a famous Urdu novelist and Digest writer from Faisalabad, Pakistan. The story of this novel was published in an Urdu Digest and the reader liked and enjoyed it a lot. The story is now available here in Pdf file with the same title name Jinn Zadi, which means Jinn's Daughter. Although this is a fiction Urdu Horror story but the writer Mr. Malik Fahim Irshad has written in beautiful Urdu words and a realistic way. Jinzadi is a brief Urdu horror story that will entertain you a lot. This is an Unforgettable Urdu story.

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