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10 Hotest Hollywood movies

10. Angelina Jolie

Hollywood's Top 10 Hotest Actresses
Angelina Jolie is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood on the list of many "most beautiful women". Angelina Jolie is an Oscar-winning actress who has become a favorite actress, playing the role of actress in the film directors' film Lara Crust. Off-Screen, Jolie has become a major international charity program, especially with the involvement of refugees.

9. Emma Stone

Amy Brook:
The stone began acting as a child as a member of the Parish Youth Theater of Phoenix, Arizona, where she made her debut in the production of Kenneth Graham's "Wind of the Calamari". She has appeared in more products at teenagers, up to the age of 15. Stone has acted as a filmmaker for the television series Drive and made his debut on the Superbad comedy (2007).

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8. Charlie Theron

Hollywood Therapeutic
Charlize Theron is one of Hollywood's hottest actresses and has outstanding top skills. This South African beauty has one of the most beautiful eyes in the world. He was born in 1975. On August 7, however, he looks young and splendid. He became the first African-African fan to win the Oscars, his film, Monster. His other prominent films include Satan's lawyer, Italian work, and powerful Joe Young.

7. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde
Actress and Fashion Model, Olivia Jane Wild is one of Hollywood's hottest actors. She has appeared in several television shows and commercial films. He chose his surname "Wild" by famous author Oscar Wilde. In 2010, she was the sexiest star of PETA. His most popular films include The Change-Up, In Time, and Tron Legacy.

6. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba
1981 Jessica Alba was born on April 28 in Pomona, California, one of the sexiest models of television and film and one of the hottest actresses. He began his television and film speeches at the age of 13 in the secret world of "No Place" and "Alex Maci". He is often described as a s.x-symbol. He made the list of the most famous actors in Hollywood, a series of very popular magazines. His famous films include the Fantastic Four, Sin City and Machete. He also appeared on TV at Dark Angel.

5. Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood's Top 10 Hotest Actresses
One of the most attractive Americans, Scarlett Johansson, was born in New York City, his mother, Melan Sloan, and his father, Carsten Johansson. Scarlett has a giant male helmet. She is only 31 years old and is considered one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Several magazines included in the list of hottest and hottest stars. She has been nominated for the Golden Globe four times. His most famous films include The Avengers, The Prestige, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, ​​The Iron Man, and Captain America. Civil War, Avengers: Age of Ultron. She is also the best actress in the world.

4. Megan Fox

Hollywood's Top 10 Hotest Actresses
Everyone knows Megan Fox. He began his career in 2001. He became a global sensation in the film "Transformers". She is 30 years old and is considered as a s.x symbol. He has repeatedly been among the most beautiful people in the world. He is the 4th most active Hollywood actress. His other remarkable films include Jennifer's Body and Transformers 2.

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